Karein Yaad Tumko - Sonali Jalota - Aghaaz - The Beginning (Vinyl, LP, Album)

There was an opportunity to learn and grow in a very real sense. I think a major key to being seen by those of us on the industry side, is actively seeking us out! Send the newsletter, the press release, do the research! I also had the complete honor of attending Slashie Summit this year as a panelist and met so many incredible South Asian leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives.

My advice is to be respectful but do you. You sort of exist in the blend, and your music will reflect that variety in whatever way makes sense for you. Your experience as someone with a dual identity is yours and only yours to unpack and express. New people, but also old. I am a typographical artist. I illustrate lyrics from beautiful songs. Although generally we get only one or two lines which manage to bring out the essence of the entirety of the song, epitome of beauty they are, every line in this song is worth illustrating on.

Every line in this song is not just meaningful but are oozing of beautiful poetry. More than beautiful. A typographical artist! Sounds very interesting. One of its antaras was brilliantly sung by Bangalore-based Biju Nair, who had come as a guest.

It was an emotional moment for both singers and the audience. All in all, it was a two-day treat. One wishes there are more festivals like this one and Khazana, spearheaded by Pankaj Udhas at the Trident hotel In July.

Compared to Hindustani classical and film music-based shows, the number of ghazal events is very low. Hopefully, Khazana and Ghazal Bahaar may inspire more organisers to enter the fray. Today, October 7 , is the birth centenary of ghazal empress Begum Akhtar. A tribute. THE year was , and it was the first time I was hearing, or rather overhearing, the divine voice of Begum Akhtar. Abhay Kant, a journalist colleague who stayed in the neighbouring room in Jaipur, was obsessed with Begum Akhtar, and would play her songs late into the night.

I barely paid attention, and at times, even got irritated with him. A few days later, I sat with Abhay for a Begum Akhtar session, and he patiently, but unsuccessfully, tried to explain the meanings of the difficult Urdu words that regularly came up.

He seemed to be in fashion, after all. Abhay had seven or eight ghazals in his collection, and as long as he stayed there, I received an occasional dose of Begum Akhtar. He suddenly left for a job in Delhi or Patna, and for another four years, I did not hear that golden voice. When I relocated to Mumbai in late , I picked up two cassettes from Rhythm House, just to give them a shot. That was when the craze actually began. FOR the true appreciation of ghazals, a few things are required.

The first aspect involves the basic composition. After all, a ghazal with a melodious and distinct tune is more likely to create an impact. For the listeners, additional knowledge of classical raags and taals will help, though in this genre, one may argue that it may not be as necessary as it is with Hindustani classical or Carnatic music.

Since the ghazal is a lighter form, a catchy tune can instantly attract the listener, whether or not he can identify the raag. Secondly, and more important, one needs to have a basic understanding of the Urdu language, or at least the desire to comprehend the words used. Since many poets, mostly the classical ones, tend to use complex phrases, one may need to keep referring to a dictionary or the Internet. But without understanding the true meaning of the words, one can never get the exact gist of the ghazal.

In a related sense, it is important to know the mood of the piece, whether it is romantic or political or emotional or even satirical.

Next comes the technicalities of writing. One must be able to distinguish between a ghazal, which uses rhyming couplets, a nazm , which uses free poetry, and a geet , which is more of a simple song. One should be able to identify a qataa which has two shers and a rubaai which uses a four-line format. Equally important, one should understand portions known as kaafiya and radeef, which are used for rhyming, and other forms of writing jargon like misra-e-oola first line of a couplet and misra-e-saani second line.

While these terms may sound too highbrow to the lay listener, the fact is that they are actually very simple to understand and are essential to enhance true appreciation. The texture of their voice and the soulfulness with which they express words distinguish them from the others.

And this is where Begum Akhtar displayed her own style. Jaane kyun iss jahan mein aisa hota hai, Khushi jise mile wohi Rota hai, Umar bhar saath nibha na sake jo, Jaane kyun Pyaar ussi se hota hai.

Khuda salamat rakhna unko, Jo humse Nafrat karte hai, Pyaar na sahi Nafrat hi sahi, Kuch to hai jo woh sirf humse karte hai. Khuda ki banai qudrat nahi dekhi, Dilon main chupi dolat nahi dekhi, Jo kehta hai doori se mit jati hai dosti, Us ney shayud hamari dosti nahi daikhi.

I always think about U. I cant live without U. I really need U. Im totally mad about U. I just wanna be with U. Im crazy 4 U. I wanna marry U. I don't wanna give out any spoilers here, so if you wanna know more about the storyline, checkout Wikipedia. Music of Ghajini is directed by the one and only A. Absolutely great music. I was kinda disappointed with Yuvraa's music, but this one is great. I specially Behka and Ghajini and Kaise Mujhe and But the best has to be Kaise Mujhe, I'm listening to it right now and it's intoxicating!

By the way these songs are in MP3 format, they're a lot bigger than. Hi everyone, it's been a while since my last post. Actually the news I have is both good and bad. The bad part is that my sources for. RM files are going down. Meaning many servers that hosted the. The good is that I will have to switch to other sources, and since there aren't any other. Both for new albums and for ones that don't work at the moment. Some of you may like this change and some may not.

Now, it's going to take quite a while to replace all dead links because it's not just one or two links that don't work. It's almost all of the recent posts. That's mostly bad news I guess. I'm going to be very busy from now both to bring you new releases and fix old ones. Sep 22, PM. Also set for release on Eid this year is Kidnap , Imraan Khan 's second film.

As the name suggests, it's about a kidnapping case. Seems like there's going to be an important competition between Abhishek's Drona and Kidnap. I think the trailer is already out, so look it up on Youtube or somewhere. Should be interesting. Musi of Kidnap is composed by Pritam. I honestly don't have any comments on the songs, as I haven't listened to them yet.

But Prittam has made some great music in the past, so I have a good feeling about this one too. It's set for release this Eid, which is I think October 2nd. Fantasy movies aren't ones made by Bollywood very often so I'm looking forward how what Goldie has created.

Music of Drona is composed by Dhruv Ghanekar, and there a couple of nice songs in this movie. The title song for one is quite a nice song. I hope you like them too. Sep 16, PM. Dil To Pagal Hai is one of the best movies of the 90s. I'm pretty sure that you've already watched this film, specially if you are a Shahrukh fan.

If you haven't, I'm not really sure what to say to you. Really nice movie. I hadn't listened to them for years, so I'm really enjoying myself right now. I'm sure you will love them too. Aug 18, PM. It's directed by Abhishek Kapoor.

The film is about four friends who put together a rock band called Magik, but never make it big. Many years later, they're back together and start things where they left off. Music of Rock On!! I love the songs. And Farhan Akhtar is a surprisingly good singer too.

Zindagi Tere Naam is director Ashu Trikha 's fourth film. I think it was released some time this month. It's a nice song, probably nice song of the lot.

Raja Kamal is a fisherman and he's secretly in love with Mona Dimple. But when Ravi Rishi , a wealthy man, comes to live with his grandmother, Mona falls in love with him and that devastates Raja.

That's the the setting in a nutshell. I haven't presonally seen the film, so my extent of knowledge ends there. Music of Saagar is composed by the legendary R. There's also a little something for Kishore fans.

Yun Hi Gaate Rahoo is a nice song, I don't think it's one of his best though. Balasubramaniam, Kishore Kumar. I was looking for info about this film, and I came across this video. It's about two rich kids who run away from home for some reason but then they get in all sorts of trouble and get chased by the 'bad guys'.

That's what I've read about it on the net. It's music is composed by Sneha Khanwalka. The songs are surprisingly better that I expected. Since it's a low budget film, I had very low expectations too.

I guess you can't read a book by it's cover after all. Remember Himesh Reshammiya debuting acting last year in a film supposedly telling his real love story? That movie was Aap Ka Surroor.

I didn't get to post the songs back then, so here they are. Aap Ka Surroor is directed by Prashant Chadha who also started his directing career with this film. Btw, there's going to be sequel to this film also directed by Prashant Chadha called "Aap Ka Surroor 2: Ae Himesh Bhai" set to release sometimes this year, so keep an eye out for that if you are a Himesh fan.

Music of AKS is of course composed by Himesh himself. There are some nice tracks there. I hope you like this album, even though it is kinda dated.

Aug 17, PM. God Amitabh Bachchan appears before him and gives him the power to run the earth for ten days. Even though I don't like watching remakes of Hollywood films, I really want to see this one, mainly because of Salman and Sohail's combo.

They were really great in the last filmed they appeared together. I can't quite remember the name, but it was really funny. I haven't listened to the whole album yet, so can't say much. Aug 16, PM. Bachna Ae Haseeno tells the story of Raj Ranbir Kapoor and his relationships with three different women and what he learns from them and from life. I think the film was released on 15th August, so if you've already seen it, do let us know how you liked it by leaving a comment.

I'm curious how both Ranbir and Deepika have performed in their second films. He's done an alright job. I might like the songs more on a second hearing, but right now I think they are just average songs, except the title song which is not an original song. It's a remix of the original Kishore Kumar song.

I like the original better. Jul 28, AM. I've heard it is very 90s-like in terms of story and setting. Now I know the music is also in that category which doesn't sit quite well with me. Ismail Darbar has composed some great music in the past e. But hey, if you are into this kind of music, you will love it.

Zayed Khan plays an up and coming journalist who is doing very well is offered a job at Al Johara, a news network based in Istanbul, Turkey. Al Johara is quite comparable to Al Jazeera who also air messages from terrorists quite regularly. It was released last week on the 25th.

Doesn't seem like the collaboration between the four has resulted in anything above average. I was hoping something like the best of the four composers, but I'm disappointed.

I guess I was expecting too much. These songs aren't that bad altogether, but they are at the same time not so good either. Anyways, just try 'em for yourselves. De Taali is E. De Taali is about three childhood friends who have grown together and are very close to each other, until Anjali Rimi Sen enters their lives and changes everything.

It was released on June 20th to a not so good reception, both at the boxoffice and public view. The music composers of the film are Vishal and Shekhar. The story of Chalte Chalte is about the love triangle between Geeta, Ravi and Asha, involving mental hospitals and many more troubles, specially on Geeta's part.

Music of CC is composed by Bappi Lahiri who has quite an impressive resume as a music director - he's done almost movies since Jul 22, PM. Pappu Can't Dance Saala!! It seems like more and more of you are having problems with converting RM to MP3 and with Realplayer too.

So I'm testing a few softwares right now and I'll be making some video tutorials soon. I'll also make a couple of Youtube related tutorials.

I have this week off, so stay tuned cause those tuts are on the way :. This album's got plenty for all the Sukhwinder fans out there. The songs are pretty decent, which I found pretty surprising because most films in this genre are more story driven and less focussed on the music department.

I'm sure you will love the songs too. Btw, they are composed by Sukhwinder Singh himself. Jul 18, PM. There isn't much known about what the film is about as it is still in production, at least I couldn't find any. However, what is really well known is that its music is composed by AR Rehman. And my hats off to Mr. Rehman for constantly creating such amazing music. He is a true genius, no doubt about it. I love this album. I think everyone will, maybe not the lyrics so much but the score is absolutely beautiful.

Jul 13, AM. Akshay Kumar plays Happy Singh whose village is fed up of him for causing disastrous situations. In an attempt to get rid of him for a while, they send him to Australia to bring back Lakhan Singh aka Lucky Sonu Sood who is big figure in the underworld. The Akshay-Katrina pair has worked pretty well in the past, and this one seems a pretty good movie too.

Music of Sing Is King is composed by Pritam. I was pretty surprised when I heard Akshay singing the title song together with Snoop Dogg , who is a popular American rapper. Something like this hasn't happened before. If you are a Daler Mehndi fan, there a song for you too. Ranbeer Talwar Saif Ali Khan gets to take care of four orphan kids as a result of a court order, however the kids don't like him and don't like to live with him.

They do everything they can to make his life hard, and one day when they pray for help, God sends an angel Rani Mukherjee as Geeta to help them out. You could say it is an adaptation of the popular Walt Disney film Mary Poppins Should be a fun film to watch. I hope you enjoy 'em.

Jul 10, AM. Aamir has even roped in A. However it seems like the film lacks in story, which is the most vital part of a film. How many times have we heard that a bad or so-so screenplay will never make a great fil. Looks like Aamir ignored that crucial principle specially when it is also Abbas Tyrewala's debut as a director. What is left is to see how Chhota Khan performs.

Hope he proves to be a promising actor. It seems like it's getting a lot of negative reviews from critics. Jul 8, PM. Harry Baweja 's latest film is Love Story and, as the name suggests, is a sci-fi and set in the future, in to be more specific.

Yatinder Khanna Boman Irani. It's full of special effects. Even though it has been criticized for being amateurish and waste of the huge Rs. Bollywood seriously needs to make something besides the lame and mindless comedies. Not that they aren't producing any good films, however there's been only a few every year. So kudos to Harry for trying something different. Music of Love Story is directed by Anu Malik. It's a very funny one, you've got to watch it.

Jul 7, PM. Shahid plays Raj Malhotra, an architect who doesn't get any clients even though he was the top his classes in college. Hasina Juhi Chawla advises him he needs a lucky charm to change his luck.

His charm turns out to be a girl, Priya Vidya Balan. The music of Kismat Konnection is composed by Pritam. It is one of the most popular Hindi films, so popular that I think it is safe to say anyone who is familiar with Bollywood also knows about K3G.

It's a great film, with lots of elaborate sets and some very memorable songs, which by the way are composed by Jatin Lalit. I'm sure you are gonna love this one. On a side note, I wanna give a shoutout to sadekjake for writing a review about DHS. Do checkout his blog. Jul 7, AM. The story is about a Raghu who puts his work and profession before everything in his life until he falls in love with Pinky and meets her big Panjabi family. Music of Kushboo is directed by Bappa Lahiri and he's come up some really nice tunes.

Jun 19, PM.

Oct 24,  · Official Video: Teri Yaad Adnan Sami Super Hit Hindi Album "Kisi Din" - Duration: Pop Chartbusters 52,, views. Batao yaad hai tumko woh jab dil ko churaya tha|.

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  3. jab yaad sakina ko teri aati hai baba sar zinda ki deewaron se takrati hai baba kanon say tapakta hai laho shanon pe mere zaalim ki aziyat mujhe tadpati hai baba jab yaad. marjaungi pyasi na kabhi mangungi pani asghar ki mujhe pyas jo yaad aati hai baba jab yaad.
  4. na samjhoge to miT jaoge ai hindostan walo Allama Iqbal. MORE BY Allama Iqbal. na samjhoge to miT jāoge ai hindostāñ vaalo. tumhārī dāstāñ tak bhī na hogī dāstānoñ meñ. na samjhoge to miT jaoge ai hindostan walo. tumhaari dastan tak bhi na hogi dastanon mein. .
  5. hadeynaan hishiin, hadeynaan hishiin waa i naaynu kalaharnaa, kala hoowl yareysanaa,hidi weybaxaysaa ileeyn heebsamaayee aan kaa horeeyee, aan kuguu haweynbaa halboowlaha i kooysoo warbaahii cockclarunexdelamb.ciebisicomwebsmsikworldrovhanfifoca.infoinfo diroo ma fiicnee anoo iga haraadin maxaa gula hagaagsan inaan kaa hara ninka taladay hayaa,hey boys and ladies i want this song to be completed who can do that?hey girls .
  6. Karaoke tracks are categorized with Singers' name, Mohd. Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Jagjit Singh. New Famous singers Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh and so.
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  8. Poet Wasiq Ali Athar Jab Tum Se Itefaqan Meri Nazar Mili Thi Ab Yad Aa Raha Hai Shayad Wo January Thi Tum Youn Mili Dobara Phir Mah-E-February Mein.

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